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Leslie Jo Allison

Leslie Jo Allison

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06/19/14 11:37 AM #1    

Susan Doyle

This is Susan Doyle. Leslie Jo and I were friends from Jr. Hi (Moore) on--after high school, I dated her brother George for a couple of years.  When she died, she was married and had three children--twins and a girl.  This next bit is shocking, but it is the truth and needs to be said.  In the summer of 1986, something went terribly wrong--without warning, she came home from work one day and shot her husband and her three children, then herself.  Her oldest daughter survived (she was about three years old at the time.)  We don't know what happened, but I do know she loved her husband and she adored those children, so there must've been a huge psychic break of some kind, she must've thought she was saving them from a fate worse than death, who knows??  It is heart-breaking, I know.  Leslie was an extremely bright person--she had innate problems which she tried desperately to handle on her own for years.  I don't know if she ever got professional help, but if she did, it was obviously not enough. If you read this, please take away the thought that she was a loyal friend, an intelligent woman, and had achieved a lot with great difficulty.  Also--if you or someone in your family are struggling, don't wait to get help.

06/20/14 10:15 AM #2    

Patricia E. Peoples (Wick)

Susan,  Thank you so much for this posting.  Allison was a friend of mine in HS.  I know she struggled even then.  I always wondered what happened, I heard suiicide but that was all.  Mental health care is so important.  It is truly a disease and not something to be ashamed of, if people need help, please get it!   My heart breaks for Allison and her family.  

06/22/14 01:09 AM #3    

Shawn Jezerinac

It's a tragedy that she couldn't be helped before she took her family member's lives and her own.  Thanks for bravely writing the truth for all of our sakes.


06/23/14 07:29 PM #4    

Susan Doyle

Pat, Sean--thank you.  Ithas taken me a long time to talk about this, but I think it is important--Leslie Jo was a good friend and achieved much despite her difficulties and I wanted people to know.

06/30/14 08:45 PM #5    

Catherine L. (Cathy) Laycook

How sad to hear what happened to Leslie and to her family.  Mental illness often strikes people during their young adult years and frequently the signs are not always easy to recognize.   I know that Leslie is not the only person from our class who took his/her life.  Behind each story is pain and struggle and heartache for the one who died and for the ones left behind.  Many others have had to battle mental illness mild or severe and other disabilities whether short or long term including one of my best friends in my youth.  Having seen others' struggles and knowing my own struggles at times prompts my prayers and compassion. 

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